Interphex 2017

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2017 Interphex

Javits Center in New York City

March 21st – 23rd


Lenox Laser was a part of a collaboration of 6 companies specializing in container closure integrity testing.





Calibrated Flow for Leak Testing

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Lenox Laser utilizes laser ablation of micro holes in glass and plastic bottles. Our process is fast and easily repeatable way to calibrate leak test equipment by laser drilling precision small holes directly into packaging and bottles. Our experts at Lenox Laser pioneered the process for laser drilling calibrated holes used today. We have the ability to drill directly into IV bags, ampoules, blister packs, aerosol cans, glass bottles, and syringes. The process is so precise we can laser drill clean holes less than 1 µm. Lenox Laser is currently in the process of complying with the ISO Standard 17025. Industries today can not risk the integrity of their packaging structure, it affects their customers which affects the trust they have built.  Trust Lenox Laser with the most precise way to perform leak testing.

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What Is Laser Drilling?

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Laser drilling is technology of choice when looking to drill small, precise, and clean holes. Laser drilling refers to the process of creating popped or percussion drilled holes.These micro holes can be laser drilled down to a sizes of .5 microns when measured optically and .3 microns when measured using flow calibration. It is a great alternative to standard mechanical drilling, broaching, and punching. Through laser drilling a wide range of hole diameters are achievable. It is especially useful when drilling holes with a large depth to diameter ratio (high-aspect ratio holes). Our processes of laser drilling are easily repeatable and ideal for high volumes of production.

This diagram shows the difference between our pioneered ablation process and the old style of laser drilling.
This diagram shows the difference between our pioneered ablation process and the old style of laser drilling.

Lenox Laser specializes in laser drilling apertures, orifices, slits, shapes, and apodizers in most materials, dimensions, and arrays. For a list of some of the materials we can easily laser drill, click here.

Drilling and Flow Calibrating Small Holes Down to One Micron in Diameter

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Lenox Laser, Inc. drills and flow calibrates small holes from one micron in diameter to six thousand microns in diameter. After flow calibrating, these orifices have a flow diameter that can be used with simple fomulae to accurately predict flow rates through them for any gas or mixture of gases under various pressure and temperature conditions. The shape of the hole has no bearing on the flow diameter thus has no negative bearing on the degree of flow control accuracy.

Flow calibrated holes have found many customer uses over the last thirteen years. They have replaced many other flow control and measuring devices used by industry. They have proven to be less costly, trouble-free and more accurate in almost all cases. These holes are drilled into many different parts and materials, such as, VCR blind gaskets, tubes with a closed end, closed pipe nipples, set screws, and many other custom shapes. The majority of holes that are drilled are in stainless steel, however, many other materials, such as, plastic, glass, and most metals are also in demand.

Let Lenox Laser help you solve your flow control and other flow related problems in an economical and precise way. For more information and technical support call 410-592-3106 or visit our website at

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