Lenox Orifices™ sets the standard for high-quality flow controlled (restriction) products, offering a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From precision-engineered Stainless Steel Barbs, Conflats, Nipples, and Orifice Discs to our meticulously crafted VCR® Gaskets and Glands, each product is built to deliver unmatched performance in flow control applications. Our selection includes options for various specifications such as Stainless Steel and Nickel VCR® Gaskets, available in both plated and unplated finishes, with or without gasket retainers, ensuring a perfect fit for any system requirement. Additionally, our lineup features specialized items like Copper Conflats, high-precision Screws, Tubing in multiple sizes and materials, and exclusive Gasket Test Fixtures for comprehensive flow control management. Choose Lenox Orifices™ for reliability and precision in your flow restriction projects.