A More Sure Hole Drilling Service

Since 1981 we built our first laser processing system. Presently with over 40 systems we are able to apply laser ablation to cut and drill materials to higher accuracy that is the leading edge of the industry.

With our advanced innovative metrological and analytical methods we are producing the world’s most accurate parts.

Our goal is to provide abundant technical satisfaction. Our proprietary processes and innovative technologies are READY TO SERVE THE NEXT CHALLENGE.


Laser Drilling and Machining

We specialize in laser micro-drilling apertures, orifices, slits, shapes, pinholes, and apodizers in a variety of materials, dimensions, and arrays. Lenox Laser is the pioneer in everything laser drilling and micromachining and we will put the smallest holes in the toughest materials.

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Optical Diffraction Patterns

Lenox Laser apertures and pinholes may be used for spatial filters, gas/liquid separators, molecular beam masks, particle counters, pinhole cameras and many other optical or mechanical purposes. Our laser drilled apertures will produce high quality diffraction patterns.

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Integrity Testing Standards

Lenox Laser has pioneered new processes for creating container test leaks for the auto, pharma and food industries. We are capable of producing laser drilled holes as small as half a micron. We develop the standards for package testing and Pharmaceutical container closure integrity testing (Please reference USP 1207.1).

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