CCIT Explained

CCIT has been a massive part of our success. We engineered top-rate standards for quality to give the best service we can.   CCIT evaluates the integrity of container closure systems to maintain a sterile barrier against potential contaminants. Contaminants that could cross a container closure barrier include microorganisms and reactive gases. It is an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry. Lenox Laser drills precision calibrated leaks to be used for CCIT. We can laser drill holes in all types of packaging containers. 

Lenox Laser can produce holes as small as half a micron in diameter. There are three major hole locations on a typical pharmaceutical vial. The top of the bottle near the cap is known as the head point, the midsection of the bottle simply called mid body, and the bottom of the body. 

We use the most precise tools so that we can ensure accuracy and that the job is done in a timely fashion. Customers can request quotes at any time. All the elements mentioned are part of a well-oiled and efficient standard of excellence that we pride ourselves on. Other services we offer include micro-drilling, orifice drilling, pinhole photography, custom slits, and more.  For information go to: