Brandon Elliott

Innovative Gases Explained

By Brandon Elliott / July 18, 2024

At Lenox Laser, we are at the forefront of innovative solutions for the semiconductor industry’s gas handling needs. Our groundbreaking work addresses the critical challenge of achieving precise control over process gases like hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, argon, and oxygen, which are essential in wafer production.  Through extensive research and testing, we have determined that a…

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Lenox Laser Flow Products

By Brandon Elliott / July 11, 2024

Lenox Laser flow products are top-tier quality with impeccable standards for performance and are built to last.  Our flow calibration system allows us to drill the diameter of the hole as small as a micron in diameter without compromising accuracy in the slightest. All our products come with this option available to our customers. Flow…

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CCIT Explained

By Brandon Elliott / July 3, 2024

CCIT has been a massive part of our success. We engineered top-rate standards for quality to give the best service we can.   CCIT evaluates the integrity of container closure systems to maintain a sterile barrier against potential contaminants. Contaminants that could cross a container closure barrier include microorganisms and reactive gases. It is an integral…

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Choosing the Right Aperture for High-Power Lasers 

By Brandon Elliott / June 27, 2024

  Lenox Laser proves repeatedly that we are at the forefront of the evolution of laser drilling technology.  As a result, selecting the right aperture for high-power laser applications has become increasingly important. Gilbert R. Smith, a Senior Consultant for our team in Glen Arm, Maryland, years ago, brought his extensive experience to help demystify…

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Precision in Optical Calibration with Cutting-Edge Technology 

By Brandon Elliott / June 13, 2024

At Lenox Laser we strive to be at the forefront of optical calibration, we use advanced technology, including Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), laser microscopes, and profilometers, to achieve nanometer-range resolution. Our expertise enables us to handle large volume batches efficiently, ensuring each orifice and slit meets the highest precision standards. Advanced Technology for Precision SEMs:…

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