Science Fair Competition of Maryland

Lenox Laser is a company that prides itself on a wealth of growing ideas and new exciting concepts. With this in mind, Lenox Laser began hosting the Science Fair Competition of Maryland. The fair allows children to spend the summer with Lenox Laser during a variety of different activities of great educational value. The idea of such events began as early as December 2001 at the Parkville High School robotics competition.

The very first Science Fair Competition of Maryland would be in March 2003. The fair was open to all children and teenagers with a certain scientific curiosity. Gilbert Smith of the NASA Goddard Space Center would provide the children in attendance that day with an educational presentation. The fair not only covers science, but things like mathematics, robotics, chemistry, photography, optics and astronomy and of course, lasers.

The 2016 science fair had kids ages 11 to 16 group studying innovation, creation, and reverse engineering. Motors from lawn mowers, RC cars and weed whackers were used to demonstrate the many ways to create something new. Lenox Laser’s interchangeable E-Blox technology, which can be used to build practically anything anyone could imagine, was also brought to the table, as well as 3D printing technology. The printer was used by the students as they wrote out their names with it. A parade was also held that year to celebrate all that had been achieved and created allowing the kids to show off what was made.

The science fair is becoming a staple in the Lenox laser community and has gained a lot of wonderful support and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for all involved. Lenox Laser’s goal is to host another science fair in the summer of 2020.

Visit the Science Fair Competition of Maryland website here