Lenox Laser’s Third Annual Light Seminar

With the success of two light seminars in the history books, Lenox Laser hosted the 3rd Annual Light Seminar on October 4th 2012. This seminar focused on photography. More specifically, the seminar covered the overall history of photography and its different types be that, digital, pinhole photography, the first digital camera and even the evolution of Kodak with companies like Apple.

The seminar included many guest and keynote speakers such as Steven J Sasson, the inventor of the digital camera at Eastman Kodak in 1975. Mr. Sasson’s notable accolades include the 2001 Eastman innovation award, 2009 honorary Dr. of science from the University of Rochester, and an induction in the inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2011 along with numerous others. His speech for the night was called “Disruptive Innovation This Story of the First Digital Camera” in which he would mention that Kodak D5000(ECAM), capable at the time of producing 1.3-million-megapixel image, was introduced during a trade show in 1989. In an amazing partnership with Apple, Kodak was able to bring the public the Apple Quick Take Consumer camera in 1994. In speaking about the Apple partnership, Mr. Sasson’s speech states: “in 1984, Apple came to us at Kodak. Their computers were more imaging friendly than Intel at the time. It had to do with the architecture of the CPUs they were using at the time. They told us if we could build a digital camera it would emigrate on rent for their computers and both parties would sell more.”

Next up would be Mr. Dirk Fletcher discussing his fascination with pinhole photography and camera lenses as well as well as the DSLR camera. Pinhole photography is a camera without a conventional lens. Instead it uses a small aperture creating a light proof box light from which the scene passes through. This is also known as the camera obscura affect. The last two speakers of the night were black and white pinhole photographer Richard A Johnson discussing his pinhole photography fascination as well as travels and photographer Paul Johnson with the demonstration of certain lighting effects in photos. Mr. Johnson also discussed his belief in the importance of preserving memories with photography.

A beautiful photograph can capture memories to last a lifetime and be frozen in time forever, much like the memories of these wonderful light seminars hosted by Lenox Laser, cheers to photo memories new and old and many yet to come.

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