James Webb Telescope Launch Update

The James Webb Space Telescope is on quite a state of evolutions in its journey to launch, and that journey is not over. Initially, the launch date for the Telescope was in 2007, but now the estimated launch date is set for some time in March of 2021. The original 2007 launch had the project at the cost of $500 million. Due to several delays with the global coronavirus pandemic, the project now has an estimated cost of $10 billion. Wrong cleaning solvents and fasteners misused on the Telescope mirrors caused the latest delay in the launch. The journeys of space entail massive planning, and with that comes unforeseen changes. However, if history has taught anything, it is that changes like these can lead to great achievements. 

For all its adjustments and changes, James Webb had a successful testing and full deployment of its mirror systems in early June 2020. Despite setbacks, NASA will not decrease the funding budget for this massive project. The James Webb Space Telescope has been in the works for nearly three decades. With enormous effort behind it, a new date will hopefully come soon for the launch.