Towson University e-Commerce Meeting

On Wednesday May 5th 2004 Lenox Laser met with the e-Commerce student group at Towson University. Joseph d’Entremont founder and president of Lenox Laser presented a digital overview of the company’s website highlighting its current marketing, products, and financial strategies. In this new era of e-Commerce business activity it was exciting to see a student group with sincere enthusiasm and genuine motivation for the future.

We look forward to the student groups’ visit and tour of our Glen Arm facility. A special thank you goes out to Ms. Laleh M. Srnec part of the Department of Marketing and e-Business , as well as the President and Vice President of e-Commerce group for allowing us to participate in this session.

Students (middle right) envisioning as they look through a microscopic hole drilled through the eye of FDR on the Million Dollar Dime

John Whelan joins Lenox Laser Team
Pinhole Photography Competition with Goucher