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Flow Calibration offers a reliable solution for precise measurements, essential for quality control and product development.

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    Precision, Guaranteed

    Years of calibration with NIST standards ensure exact accuracy for even the smallest diameters.

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    Efficient and Affordable

    Get premium calibration services quickly and without overspending.  Your success is our priority.

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    Expertise That Delivers

    Our technicians continuously refine their skills through in-house product calibration, guaranteeing perfect measurements every time.

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    Versatile Service

    Whether it's your unique product or any small aperture, we're equipped to meet all your calibration needs.

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    Minimize Risks

    Accurate measurements shield your operations from costly errors and safety hazards.  Peace of mind is priceless.

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    Global Recognition

    NIST-traceable calibrations are globally recognized, enhancing your collaborations and market reach.

Mastering Minute Measurements

Precise Flow Calibration Down to less than 1 Micron

Need microscopic accuracy for your flow measurements? Look no further than Lenox's advanced flow calibration services. We utilize cutting-edge systems to reliably calibrate flow effective diameters as small as 1 micron - that's smaller than a small bacteria cell!

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Top View

Combined process, for when balance is needed between creating realistic damage and maintaining clean, precise channels.

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Saginal View

Optimal for complex applications where both realism and accuracy are required for testing or product development.

Why is

Achieving Precision at the Microscopic Level with NIST Traceability

Measuring tiny openings accurately can be challenging with traditional methods, especially when the material around the opening is much thicker. This issue often leads to imprecise and unreliable measurements.

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Here the helium leak detector enables accurate measurement of leak rates, crucial for detecting minute leaks essential across various industrial, scientific, and safety-related applications.

Why is

  • Confidence and Credibility

    With NIST traceable results, you gain the confidence that your measurements are accurate and meet the strictest international standards.  This is crucial for research, development, and any application where precise flow control is essential.

  • Global Acceptance

    NIST traceability ensures your results are recognized and accepted by laboratories and organizations worldwide, streamlining collaborations and facilitating international trade.


  • Accurate Measurements

    By measuring the flow rate of gas through an opening under controlled conditions, we overcome the challenges posed by the thickness of surrounding materials. This approach ensures precise measurements of the opening's effective diameter, regardless of its shape.

  • Trusted Accuracy

    Our calibration process and tools adhere to NIST secondary standards, ensuring that your measurements are accurate and globally recognized.

  • Ultra Precision

    With our advanced techniques, we can accurately measure openings as small as 1 micron, providing you with unparalleled precision

Explore the Lenox Orifices™ collection, featuring an extensive selection of premium flow control solutions, meticulously tailored to cater to your precise requirements. Our range encompasses a diverse array of precision-engineered products, each designed to deliver optimal performance:




Orifice Discs



VCR® Gaskets

VCR® Glands

Our products are engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, featuring Stainless Steel and Nickel VCR® Gaskets in both plated and unplated finishes. They are also available with or without gasket retainers to ensure compatibility with any system. Our extensive lineup also boasts specialized items such as Copper Conflats, precision Screws, versatile Tubing options in various sizes and materials, and unique Gasket Test Fixtures for effective flow control management.

For custom specifications outside our standard range, such as orifice sizes, tolerances, or shapes, please Request a Quote. Our organized list enables you to swiftly locate and select the perfect solution for your flow restriction projects with confidence. Trust in Lenox Orifices™ for unmatched reliability and precision.