Update: SpaceX Dragon

The Dragon SpaceX launch was an extraordinary moment in world history. It was also a massive undertaking with years of planning behind it. Just over three weeks ago, astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken docked aboard the International Space Station. Over the next several weeks, both astronauts will attempt several spacewalks to replace two batteries on an outer orbiting laboratory. It is estimated that it will take possibly four walk attempts to do so. The first of the four spacewalks are tentatively planned for Friday, July 10. Several thermal adjustments to the suits are being done right now to ensure maximum safety. However, one of the biggest issues facing the crew now, is the reentry process when coming back home. NASA at this time is uncertain whether landing will take place in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. 

Over the last few weeks, Doug Hurley has taken some amazing and awe-inspiring pictures of Earth’s regions that are truly spectacular in every sense of the word. It is estimated that the astronauts could return home as early as August 2. The spacewalks to replace the two batteries in the stations lab solar power system would be the last part of the mission. For the reentry process, the parachutes that will be attached to the craft went through several redesigns and rigorous experimenting that included multiple test drops. 

If the Dragon mission is proven to be a great success, crews would then begin evaluations of the four-crew flight currently set for mid-September 2020. The flight would be known as the Crew One. The Dragon mission is truly proof that even the world’s darkest times, hope can come from the stars and lead us to a truly bright future.