Tighter Tolerances for Flow Control Components

At an ever increasing rate industry is requiring tighter tolerances on flow control components.  As a supplier of laser drilled orifices in a variety of components, Lenox Laser, Inc. has been meeting these tighter tolerance requirements for several years.  Incidentally, these very tight toleranced parts have been in high demand.  To accommodate this demand, Lenox Laser has developed proprietary processes that allow tolerances to be consistently held.  Tolerances can be as tight as +/-0.5% and +/-1% on a 10 micron or larger hole sizes.  Compare this to standard tolerances that typically range from +/-5% and larger with respect to the hole size (i.e. a 1 micron hole can have a standard tolerance of close to +/-50% depending upon the part material and thickness).  Often customers may need not just tighter tolerances on a nominal size but matched sets or pairs with tolerances of +/-1-2% of each other.  Integration of the laser process with its flow testing capabilities ensures repeatable results with higher yields.  Very tight tolerances can be held on most standard flow components we offer, as well as, customer supplied parts.  Visit our website or email sales@lenoxlaser.com for more information.