Slit Solutions

Slits are widely used in a wide range of applications in both science and industry. Applications include (but are not limited to) measurement of the properties of light; calibration and separation of light flux; study of light interaction with materials and itself-proving concepts in quantum theory and many other applications.
The Lenox Laser Corporation is a leading manufacturer of micrometer slits made in most materials with very high quality precision and sharpness.

Lenox Laser has developed a new version of the optical slit cut in a precise 5×8 mm metallic foil that will solve the registration problem that normally takes place when slits are cut in 5/8″ (or other size) substrates. The orientation of the micro-slit is along the sides of a 5×8 mm rectangular substrate. In this case, one of the substrate edges can be used as the positioning feducial. This new geometry permits for angular registration with later rotation at any arbitrary angle of one or multiple inserts in a single holder with very high precision.

High Energy Aperture Holder (MT-1, MT-1R)
Advanced Precision Microdrilling