Pinhole Sieves

Lenox Laser Pinhole Sieves can be drilled in varying shapes, sizes, patterns, and materials. Customers can submit drawings and details for a quote. Some examples can be seen at Lenox Laser Services.


Our pinhole sieve is an array of holes with diameters of 100 micrometers. The illumination of the detector will increase with the number of holes reducing the exposure time correspondingly. The separation between holes brings more spatial frequencies causing increase in the sharpness of the image. The specific arrangement of the pinholes causes the diffraction interference and makes the filter orientation sensitive. This property can be utilized for special effects if used with combination with polarization filter.


These pinhole sieves can be used in synchrotron’s for controlling and focusing soft x-rays, pinhole sieve photography, high-resolution X-ray microscopy and spectroscopy, Fresnel zone plate applications, telescope space based surveillance, and advanced apodization

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