Lenox Laser Flow Certifications


Our methods of testing and calculating are new and unique. Our testing methods and our calculating methods will be described in a three page description included with this explanation.

Basically all test methods described depend on comparing a part being tested to one of our standards. We have over one-hundred standards which were developed by test method number one. While developing standards a certified digital test gauge that reads in absolute pressures was used to establish and maintain 29.7 P.S.I.A. To establish water volume in the tube or tubes between the lower and upper photocells, water was carefully poured into the system (using an eye dropper), until the lower light came on. Further water was added until the upper light came on. The water added was measured in graduate cylinders and also weighed on a digital scale that read to the thousand of a gram. These volumes with the computer measured time to go from the lower to the upper photocell provided the information to calculate the flow rates and the flow diameters. All tests to establish standards were run a minimum of five times.

In the past, we have sent a few standards to N.I.S.T. test facility for comparison. The first few were midsized and compared within ½ of a percent. The next time we sent some near 5 microns in size and they were found to be approximately ten percent to large. We then sent the same orifices to another N.I.S.T. test facility and they found them to be approximately ten percent too small. They guarantee their test to be within plus or minus seven percent.

We have many repeat customers that have found our work satisfactory over the years. Some of these customers are large and have very sophisticated test equipment of their own.

All of our standards are re-calibrated yearly. When calibrating parts for customers two separate standards are use to orient the computer. If there is any discrepancy, further testing and checking follows to determine the cause of the problem.
A Lenox Laser certification means we have tested your parts to meet our standards and procedure.

If you need further approval, you can purchase the orifices needed and send them the test facility of your choice.

For more Flow Calibration Certification services, please visit Lenox Lasers certification page.

Exciting Breakthrough- 0.5 micron (500 nm) Exact Leaks!


Lenox Laser has made exciting breakthroughs in the manufacturing processes of exact leaks!

Exact Leaks are calibrated microholes that are repeatedly and reliably generated in packages and/or other pharmaceutical and manufacturing goods.  These microholes are commonly used in integrity testing processes.

Lenox Laser’s new process allows the creation of 0.5 micron holes in a wide variety of materials; including plastics and metals.

Please visit here: Services- Calibrated Micro-Leaks  on our website for more information.

Tighter Tolerances for Flow Control Components


At an ever increasing rate industry is requiring tighter tolerances on flow control components.  As a supplier of laser drilled orifices in a variety of components, Lenox Laser, Inc. has been meeting these tighter tolerance requirements for several years.  Incidentally, these very tight toleranced parts have been in high demand.  To accommodate this demand, Lenox Laser has developed proprietary processes that allow tolerances to be consistently held.  Tolerances can be as tight as +/-0.5% and +/-1% on a 10 micron or larger hole sizes.  Compare this to standard tolerances that typically range from +/-5% and larger with respect to the hole size (i.e. a 1 micron hole can have a standard tolerance of close to +/-50% depending upon the part material and thickness).  Often customers may need not just tighter tolerances on a nominal size but matched sets or pairs with tolerances of +/-1-2% of each other.  Integration of the laser process with its flow testing capabilities ensures repeatable results with higher yields.  Very tight tolerances can be held on most standard flow components we offer, as well as, customer supplied parts.  Visit our website or email sales@lenoxlaser.com for more information.

John Whelan joins Lenox Laser Team


John Whelan, joins the team of Lenox Laser, in the Quality Assurance team. Mr. Whelan has a varied and wide background in the mechanical trades, from aviation maintenance technology to assisting on the recent Washington D.C. metro rail car project.

Mr. Whelan’s expertise in machineable parts and assemblies will be a valuable addition to the Lenox Laser team. Mr. Whelan won service awards and medals for his work in the Republic of Vietnam for the United States of America. He was also a valued member of Ward Machineries assembly department, specializing in sub assemblies. He also assisted in the development of a railcar for AAI/CAF.