How do I purchase a product from the site? – MobileFAQs

  1. On the product page, select the Measurement Type and the Hole Diameter from the drop-down menus
  2. When this is completed, the price pops up and the option to select the quantity appears
  3. Once your are finished, click “Add To Cart”
  4. In the cart, the option to remove an item or update the quantity is available
  5. When finished click “Proceed To Checkout”
  6. Log in if you are a returning user to automatically fill out the billing information, if not complete the form
  7. If you are shipping to a location other than the billing address, click the box next to “Ship to a different address?” and fill out the information
  8. If you are applying for tax exempt status click the box next to “Tax Exempt” and fill out your Tax Exempt ID and details about the order
  9. For international users, you are required to pay with PayPal, once this is selected, click “Proceed to PayPal”
  10. If you are in the US and want to use your credit card, click the option and fill out your card info, when finished click “Place Order”

How do I purchase a product from the site? – FAQs


On the products page (1)select the options available under the name, they may vary between products.

After your selections have been made a price per piece and the option to (2)pick a quantity will appear.

(3)Click add to cart

In the cart you have the option to (4)remove the selected parts and (5)edit the quantity selected.

Once you have confirmed that your selections are correct, (6)press “Proceed to checkout”.

(7)Fill out the billing information, anything starred is required for purchase.

If you want to ship your order to an address other than the one listed for billing, (8)click “Ship to a different address?” and (9)fill out the information for that location.

To receive a tax exempt status on your order, (10)click the box next to “Tax Exempt” and provide your tax exempt ID and any notes about your order you deem necessary.

For international users, (14)select the PayPal option of payment and click “PROCEED TO PAYPAL”

Otherwise (12)select the credit card option and fill out the necessary card information, remember this is for US customers only. After filling out your card info, (13) click “PLACE ORDER”(same location as Proceed to PayPal shown).