Lenox Laser’s High-Power Aperture Mount


When working with optical apertures, it is essential to maintain the utility and longevity of those tools. Spatial filtering of a high-energy laser beam is a non-trivial problem when the energy density of the focused beam approaches the ablation threshold of the optical aperture material. Materials with a high ablation threshold have very low thermal conductivity; thus, depending upon the repetition rate of laser pulses can become subject to melting proceeded by aperture damage.

The Lenox Laser Corporation has developed the HEA-100C high-energy aperture mount that uses the combination of reflecting and heat-dissipating parts to reduce the energy density that reaches the aperture by a few orders of magnitude. Our team worked meticulously and thoroughly to ensure that not only the utmost quality was given to the product but also a long-lasting lifespan. This process includes rigorous testing and configuration of different scenarios that meet our impeccable standard of excellence. This method significantly extends the lifetime of the optical aperture. Our engineering team selected the HEA-100C dimensions to fit most optomechanical mounts designed for one-inch mirrors or lenses provided by leading manufacturers; namely CVI-Melles Griot, Newport, New Focus, Thorlabs, Edmund Optics, etcetera. Our mounts can mount any aperture. When done so, they become an integrative part of the existing optical layout or device. The mounts also do not require any additional adaptors.

Our quality, high-powered apertures can also complement our mounts. The apertures — made in various materials — are used for things like Q switching and laser balance and flow. If you would like to know more about our apertures, check out our vast product range.

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