Young’s Double Slit


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Named for Thomas Young’s classic proof of the wave theory of light in 1803. While Young’s original experiment used sunlight and calculated the average wavelength to be 550 nm, today using monochromatic and coherent light one can calculate wavelength with the following formula:

nλ = xd/L

In which, λ is the wavelength of the light
d is the separation of the slits
n is the order of maximum observed (for first order n=1)
x is the distance between the bands of light and the central maximum (also called fringe distance)
L is the distance from the slits to the screen center point

These elements may be used to demonstrate Young’s Interference Fringes, Michelson’s Stellar Interferometer (for measuring the separation between double stars) or other applications requiring measurement of the separation between point sources.

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9.5mm +0.025 / -0.050mm
(0.374in +0.000984 / -0.00197in)
Center Spacing
3 µm slits : 9 µm Spacing (Center to center)
50 µm slits : 150 µm Spacing (Center to Center)
100 µm slits : 300 µm Spacing (Center to Center)
Stainless Steel (SS-302/304) (50µm or 100µm)
Molybdenum (3µm)


Slit Tolerances


Tolerance +/-
3 µm
± 1µm
50 µm
± 5µm
100 µm+
± 10µm



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Weight 1 oz
Slit Width

3µ ± 1 / 9µ Separation, 50µ ± 5 / 150µ Separation, 100µ ± 10 / 300µ Separation

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