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Designed to interface with common swage or weld flow line configurations, our laser drilled gland provides a solid and practical way to introduce a precision orifice into your system.

Each of our glands comes complete with a precision laser drilled orifice of your choice. Custom sizes and even variations on gland design are available.

Glands can easily interface with VCR™ flow components from Swagelok Company.

Unlike gaskets, these glands integrate the orifice in the gland body. This can save the user assembly time, and protects the orifice from debris / surface contact.


Orifice Diameter
1 – 1000µm
(0.0000394 – 0.0394in)
Stainless Steel (SS-316)
Optically Measured Tolerances


Tolerance +/-
1 µm
2 µm
3 – 6 µm
7 – 149 µm
150+ µm

Flow Calibrated Tolerances
Dia +/-
Flow +/-
0.5 – 1 µm
2 µm
3 – 6 µm
7 – 149 µm
150 µm +

Additional information

Measurement Type

Optical Measured, Flow Calibrated

Hole Diameter

1 Micron, 2 Micron, 3 Micron, 4 Micron, 5 Micron, 6 Micron, 7 Micron, 8 Micron, 9 Micron, 10 Micron, 12 Micron, 15 Micron, 17 Micron, 20 Micron, 23 Micron, 25 Micron, 30 Micron, 35 Micron, 40 Micron, 45 Micron, 50 Micron, 75 Micron, 100 Micron, 150 Micron, 200 Micron, 250 Micron, 300 Micron, 350 Micron, 400 Micron, 450 Micron, 500 Micron, 550 Micron, 600 Micron, 650 Micron, 700 Micron, 750 Micron, 800 Micron, 850 Micron, 900 Micron, 950 Micron, 1000 Micron

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Product Measurement TypeProduct Hole DiameterSKUPrice
Optical Measured2 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-2$101.95
Optical Measured3 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-3$101.95
Optical Measured4 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-4$82.73
Optical Measured5 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-5$82.73
Optical Measured6 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-6$82.73
Optical Measured7 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-7$82.73
Optical Measured8 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-8$82.73
Optical Measured9 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-9$82.73
Optical Measured10 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-10$82.73
Optical Measured12 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-12$54.50
Optical Measured15 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-15$54.50
Optical Measured17 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-17$54.50
Optical Measured20 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-20$54.50
Optical Measured23 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-23$54.50
Optical Measured25 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-25$54.50
Optical Measured30 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-30$48.95
Optical Measured35 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-35$48.95
Optical Measured40 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-40$48.95
Optical Measured45 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-45$48.95
Optical Measured50 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-50$48.95
Optical Measured75 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-75$43.50
Optical Measured100 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-100$43.50
Optical Measured150 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-150$43.50
Optical Measured200 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-200$43.50
Optical Measured250 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-250$43.50
Optical Measured300 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-300$43.50
Optical Measured350 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-350$43.50
Optical Measured400 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-400$43.50
Optical Measured450 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-450$43.50
Optical Measured500 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-500$43.50
Optical Measured550 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-550$43.50
Optical Measured600 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-600$43.50
Optical Measured650 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-650$43.50
Optical Measured700 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-700$43.50
Optical Measured750 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-750$43.50
Optical Measured800 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-800$43.50
Optical Measured850 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-850$43.50
Optical Measured900 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-900$43.50
Optical Measured950 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-950$43.50
Optical Measured1000 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-1000$43.50
Flow Calibrated1 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-1$209.00
Flow Calibrated2 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-2$209.00
Flow Calibrated3 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-3$209.00
Flow Calibrated4 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-4$163.00
Flow Calibrated5 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-5$163.00
Flow Calibrated6 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-6$163.00
Flow Calibrated7 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-7$163.00
Flow Calibrated8 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-8$163.00
Flow Calibrated9 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-9$163.00
Flow Calibrated10 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-10$163.00
Flow Calibrated12 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-12$118.95
Flow Calibrated15 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-15$118.95
Flow Calibrated17 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-17$118.95
Flow Calibrated20 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-20$100.95
Flow Calibrated23 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-23$100.95
Flow Calibrated25 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-25$100.95
Flow Calibrated30 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-30$83.95
Flow Calibrated35 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-35$83.95
Flow Calibrated40 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-40$83.95
Flow Calibrated45 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-45$83.95
Flow Calibrated50 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-50$83.95
Flow Calibrated75 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-75$62.50
Flow Calibrated100 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-100$62.50
Flow Calibrated150 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-150$62.50
Flow Calibrated200 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-200$62.50
Flow Calibrated250 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-250$62.50
Flow Calibrated300 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-300$62.50
Flow Calibrated350 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-350$62.50
Flow Calibrated400 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-400$62.50
Flow Calibrated450 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-450$62.50
Flow Calibrated500 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-500$62.50
Flow Calibrated550 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-550$62.50
Flow Calibrated600 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-600$62.50
Flow Calibrated650 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-650$62.50
Flow Calibrated700 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-700$62.50
Flow Calibrated750 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-750$62.50
Flow Calibrated800 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-800$62.50
Flow Calibrated850 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-850$62.50
Flow Calibrated900 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-900$62.50
Flow Calibrated950 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-950$62.50
Flow Calibrated1000 MicronSS-4-VCR-3-CAL-1000$62.50
Product Measurement TypeProduct Hole DiameterSKUPrice