Mission of the Quality Assurance Team


At Lenox, our mission integrates seamlessly with our Quality Management System, emphasizing the pursuit of excellence through metrology-based processes and methodologies, all reinforced by rigorous scientific and empirical validation. In collaboration with NIST, we solidify the accuracy and reliability of our critical calibration methodologies, a testament to the trust and transparency we extend to our customers. This alignment is pivotal to our commitment to precision, as evidenced by the traceability of our measurement standards to NIST, embedding the highest level of credibility into every certification we issue. Our dedication to quality is meticulously woven into our operating procedures and comprehensive technician training, ensuring our services not only meet but exceed the highest standards set forth by our Quality Management System.


Our certificates, a hallmark of our Quality Management System, showcase our unwavering commitment to detail and transparency, empowering clients with the necessary information to validate our exceptional standards. For over forty years, Lenox's adherence to this system has propelled us to the forefront of superior service across diverse sectors, including defense, medical, space, pharmaceuticals, and academia, culminating in flawless audits from esteemed organizations like SpaceX and Bio-Rad. It's our continuous drive for excellence in research and development, production, and quality control that sets us apart in the industry, elevating our operations and ensuring our position as a beacon of recognized excellence within our Quality Management System framework.

Quality Assurance Policy

Lenox's Quality Assurance Policy is a cornerstone of our Quality Management System, reflecting our management and employees' commitment to quality and superior customer service. Emphasizing integrity and excellence, this policy underlines our collective responsibility to:

    • Continually enhance our processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
    • Adhere strictly to applicable regulations and international standards, aligning with Lenox Laser's policies and procedures and regulatory authority requirements.
    • Fulfill customer needs and requirements, aiming for improved tolerance and precision across a diverse product range.
    • Ensure all personnel are certified, competent, and well-versed in quality documentation to effectively implement required policies and procedures in their work.
    • Maintain a consistent delivery of quality services, integral to our Quality Management System's goals and objectives.