Lenox Laser offers a wide array of full service laser micromachining services. We custom spec each job, and provide affordable solutions for your specific project. Our laser micromachining technicians will assist with choice of material and laser system to get the job done in an efficient manner. Using the latest and most advanced technology we are able to work with very low tolerances, high volume of features and a diverse range of laser wavelengths. Visit our material guidance page to see our complete list of metals, ceramics, refractory materials, glass/crystals and plastics to better understand what our machines are able to work with. We create custom micromachined materials for a wide range of industries including the pharmaceutical, automotive, medical, semiconductor, aerospace and optical industries. With over 35 years of experience in the laser micromachining industry, we have pioneered many of the processes that are now standard in the industry today. We are always developing new processes and engineering new parts to widen our range of capabilities, so don’t hesitate to share an idea with us or contact us with a project you may think is too large or too small, we will do our best to prove otherwise.

An array of laser drilled holes in Tungsten.
An array of laser drilled holes in Tungsten.


Laser Drilling

At Lenox Laser our specialty is in laser drilling. We have the equipment in house to accomplish most any job, highly repeatable, down to half a micron in diameter. Quality assurance and precise attention to detail assures an accurate product every time.

Laser Marking

Our laser marking machine produces crisp results and is a great tool for permanent marking. It uses no invasive inks, is difficult to counterfeit, is very permanent, and it works on all hard materials.

Laser Cutting

We use the latest laser cutting technology to produce precise, reproducible results. Laser cutting is used when you have a need for very exact products, products that are made from very hard and dense materials, or products that use very delicate or thin materials.