Our high-precision laser marking systems can etch features such as bar codes, serial numbers, text identifiers, personalizations, and other graphics. We specialize in marking all types of metals, plastics, composites, and glass materials. Lenox Laser is able to do this without adding any unwelcome surfaces that could damage or change the marking surface. We know the best laser and procedure for any project or job.

Laser cutting is a necessary component to complete many projects and products. Whenever traditional machining tools can’t accomplish the task at hand, laser cutting is usually the next thought. Since it is so precise, Laser Cutting can be used for a variety of applications, it can be used to cut through tough materials such as diamond, and at the same time also cut through delicate and thin materials with little to no damage to the part.

Lenox Laser Marks Their Orifices


Development Applications

Laser Marking on a Disc

  • Part Number Identification
  • Directional / Indicator Marking
  • Arrows, Grids, and Logos
  • Non-contact marking for packaging

Optical Applications

Laser Marking on a Glass Vial

  • ND Filters
  • Mirrors and Mirror Mounts
  • Tinted / Colored Filter Glass
  • Microscope Slides

Critical Components

Semiconductor Laser Marking for Electronics

  • High Grade Aerospace / Military
  • Electronics / Semiconductors
  • Medical Instruments/Devices
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals