What is CCIT and who needs it?

In the field of pharmaceutical or critical packaging, confidence in integrity is not only crucial but is required by federal standards. Failure to uphold these standards risks widespread damage to products and, therefore, people. Because of this risk, companies require reliable methods of testing for and identifying any defect that compromises the integrity of their products.

But how can you be sure the machines responsible for detecting these imperfections are calibrated correctly to guarantee they will not miss a damaged part? That is where Lenox Laser comes into the picture.

Where does Lenox Laser fit in this process?

Lenox Laser helps guarantee the reliability of the leak detection process by producing calibration standards with laser-drilled orifices. By intentionally introducing calibrated leaks with our products, pharmaceutical companies can monitor and verify that their systems meet proper quality standards.

Utilizing our proprietary laser drilling and flow calibration processes, Lenox Laser can produce orifices on a micron and sub-micron scale in a wide variety of packaging and materials. We verify these leaks through multiple forms of metrology to guarantee size and flow rate.

We can tailor our processes to accommodate all manner of custom requirements. Reach out with any questions about our capabilities or request a quote for your custom CCIT job on the form below. Unsure what size orifice you need? Check out our custom orifice calculator.

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