Laser Drilling

We are the pioneers of Laser Drilling technology. We specialize in laser drilling apertures, pinholes, orifices, slits, shapes, and apodizers in a variety of materials, dimensions, and arrays. Lenox Laser laser drills the smallest microholes and nanoholes in most materials. Our laser drilling experts create high-aspect-ratio holes down to the size of 0.5 microns. It has been over 35 years with Lenox Laser at the forefront of the laser drilling industry and we plan to continue pioneering new processes for more efficient, accurate, and precise solutions. Read More…

Electron microscope image of laser drilled microholes

Stainless steel tubing with laser drilled orifice
Stainless steel tubing with laser drilled orifice

Flow Calibration

Flow Calibration is a way of measuring orifices when an optical measurement is too difficult. The flow rate is measured to calculate the flow effective diameter. Lenox Lasers’ engineers are experts and we offer many custom flow calibrated products. You can also use our Lenox Laser Gas Flow Calculator for assistance in finding the flow rate for your needs. Read More…

Laser Marking and Laser Cutting

Our high-precision laser marking systems can etch features such as barcodes, serial numbers, text identifiers, personalizations, and graphics. We specialize in marking all types of metals, plastics, composites, and glass materials. Lenox Laser is able to do this without adding any unwelcome surfaces. We know the best laser and procedure for any job you need. Our experts are also well equipped to handle your laser cutting needs. Read More..

Silicon chip with custom laser drilled array

Microholes drilled into pharmaceutical packaging for quality assurance.
Microholes drilled into pharmaceutical packaging for quality assurance.

Calibrated Micro-Leaks

Lenox Laser has minimized the human error factor through automation. Our calibrated micro-leaks can range in size from 0.5 microns (500 nanometers) all the way into the millimeters. We handle composite and pure materials such as plastics, ceramics, metals including other natural or man-made materials. We are currently in progress to receive the ISO 17025 certification to further guarantee our quality assurance. Read More…