Orifice Calculator

Our new and improved orifice calculator will help you determine the proper flow rate and/or orifice diameter for your needs. Use Lenox Laser technology to help with any of your projects. If you would prefer you can always contact one of our experts by requesting a quotation. To go to the calculator click here!


We here at Lenox Laser are very proud of our senior members and their great published works. We feature a few of these great writings right here on LenoxLaser.com. The topics range from high power lasers, to the handling and measurement of gas, and the calibration of our products. You can read more here.

Material Guidance

Stack of Magazines and Catalogs
Lenox Laser provides a list of commonly requested materials. This quick reference guide can be used to figure out the right material for your needs. This list is not comprehensive and we are always look to pioneer new processes in the laser drilling industry.click here!