Laser Technician Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by laser technicians to ensure their safety and health while operating or working in proximity to laser systems within our facilities.


Scope: This policy applies to all employees who operate, maintain, or work near laser systems at Lenox Laser, LLC.

Policy Details:

PPE Requirements:

Eye Protection: Laser technicians must wear laser safety goggles that are specifically designed to protect against the wavelength and power of the laser in use. These goggles must meet the ANSI Z136.1 standard for laser safety.


Hand Protection: Gloves must be worn to handle equipment or materials that are part of the laser setup. Material and thickness of the gloves will depend on the specific laser application and risk assessment.


Torso (Skin) Protection: Protective clothing, such as lab coats must be worn to protect against potential skin exposure to laser radiation.


Training and Hazard Assessment Certification:

  1. All laser technicians must undergo a training program that covers laser safety, proper use of PPE, and emergency procedures before operating any laser equipment. Refresher training sessions must be conducted annually to ensure ongoing compliance and familiarity with safety protocols.
  2. Maintenance and Inspection:
  3. All PPE must be regularly inspected for any damage or wear. Compromised PPE must be replaced immediately.
  4. Maintenance records of PPE should be kept and reviewed periodically to ensure equipment is in optimal condition.
  5. Compliance and Enforcement.


Supervisors are responsible for enforcing PPE use and compliance. Non-compliance with this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, depending on the severity of the infraction. Employees must report any non-compliance or safety concerns to their immediate supervisor or safety officer.


Availability and Accessibility:

The employer will provide all necessary PPE at no cost to the employees. PPE will be readily available at all times, stored in a designated and accessible area.


Review and Update: This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to reflect changes in technology, safety standards, or operational requirements. Changes will be communicated to all affected employees and training will be provided as needed.
Conclusion: Adhering to this PPE policy is crucial for the safety and well-being of all our laser technicians. It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with these guidelines and to ensure a safe working environment.

Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessment


The PPE Hazard Assessment form can be used to determine the required PPE by identifying hazards to the employees performing the task and the required PPE.  The form is grouped according to the body part requiring PPE.   The form can serve as a written certification of the PPE Hazard Assessment.



  1. Conduct a PPE Hazard Assessment initially, when tasks or conditions change, or when PPE is deemed ineffective.
  2. Perform a walkthrough of the work area and task or job to be performed. Identify hazards that the employee may be exposed to while performing work activities or while present in the work area.
  3. Describe the hazards that are present.
    If the hazards cannot be eliminated or controlled without the use of PPE then indicate which type of PPE will be required to protect the employee form the hazard.  PPE alone should not be relied on to provide protection against hazards but should be used in conjunction with guards, engineering controls and good operating practices.
  4. When selecting PPE select the most protective type available
  5. The supervisor shall fit the worker with the PPE and give instructions on its use and care.
  6. The supervisor shall also ensure the employee understands the manufacturer’s warning labels and provide training on the limitations of the PPE.


Make sure that you complete the following fields on the form (indicated by *)

  1. Name of the worksite or task
  2. Name of person certifying that a workplace PPE hazard assessment was performed
  3. Date the PPE hazard assessment was performed
  4. Document and certify the PPE Hazard Assessment and maintain documentation for reference and employee training.
  5. Lenox Laser PPE Training Certification Log


Employee’s name:


Employee ID No.:


Job title/work area:


Types of PPE employee is being trained to use:


Laser Safety Goggles

Laser Protective Windows

Laser Safety Barriers, Shields, Curtains

Laser Safety Clothing (Lab Coats)

Laser Safety Gloves


The following information and training on the personal protective equipment (PPE) listed above were covered in the training session:


The limitations of personal protective equipment: PPE alone cannot protect the employee from on-the-job hazards.


What work place hazards the employee faces, the types of personal protective equipment that the employee must use to be protected from these hazards, and how the PPE will protect the employee while doing his/her tasks.


When the employee must wear or use the personal protective equipment.


How to use the personal protective equipment properly on-the-job, including putting it on, taking it off, and wearing and adjusting it (if applicable) for a comfortable and effective fit.


How to properly care for and maintain the personal protective equipment: look for signs of wear, clean and disinfect, and dispose of PPE.


Note to employee: This form will be made a part of your personal file. Please read and understand its contents before signing.




________________________________(Name) I understand the training I have received, and I can use PPE properly.


Employee’s signature: ___________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________


(Trainer must check off)

____ Employee has shown an understanding of the training.

____ Employee has shown the ability to use the PPE properly.


Trainer’s signature: ______________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________