Venus Transit Over the Sun


On June 8th, Pastor Tom Cordock from Lenox Laser brought his telescopes and binoculars equipped with special optics to view the Venus transit over the sun. He was able to capture some magnificent photos of this historic event which are shown at the bottom right. This special event last happened in 1882 and British astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks recorded the first transit of Venus across the sun in 1639. You will have to wait until June 6, 2012 to see this again.

For more information, pictures, and movies about this unique historic event please visit Venus Transit 2004

Lenox Laser is also playing a role in the Messenger Mission which should be taking off this month and begin its voyage around Venus in order to study the innermost planet, Mercury.

Service Contract Received from Ophthalmology Lab


Lenox Laser has recently been awarded an optical service contract from the Ophthalmology Department at University of Maryland.


Tim Rhodes (pictured left), a veteran Lenox Laser Lab Technician heads up a team of technicians that visits UMD once a week to service, clean, calibrate, repair, and help design their critical equipment. Tim’s precision skills, experience, and tools allow him to do extremely critical tasks on very expensive lab equipment.

Robyn Preist, the clinical manager at the UMD Department of Ophthalmology has been so impressed by Tim’s dedication and skills that they have asked him to work extra hours in order to clean other various equipment.

John Whelan joins Lenox Laser Team


John Whelan, joins the team of Lenox Laser, in the Quality Assurance team. Mr. Whelan has a varied and wide background in the mechanical trades, from aviation maintenance technology to assisting on the recent Washington D.C. metro rail car project.

Mr. Whelan’s expertise in machineable parts and assemblies will be a valuable addition to the Lenox Laser team. Mr. Whelan won service awards and medals for his work in the Republic of Vietnam for the United States of America. He was also a valued member of Ward Machineries assembly department, specializing in sub assemblies. He also assisted in the development of a railcar for AAI/CAF.

Towson University e-Commerce Meeting


On Wednesday May 5th 2004 Lenox Laser met with the e-Commerce student group at Towson University. Joseph d’Entremont founder and president of Lenox Laser presented a digital overview of the company’s website highlighting its current marketing, products, and financial strategies. In this new era of e-Commerce business activity it was exciting to see a student group with sincere enthusiasm and genuine motivation for the future.


We look forward to the student groups’ visit and tour of our Glen Arm facility. A special thank you goes out to Ms. Laleh M. Srnec part of the Department of Marketing and e-Business , as well as the President and Vice President of e-Commerce group for allowing us to participate in this session.

Students (middle right) envisioning as they look through a microscopic hole drilled through the eye of FDR on the Million Dollar Dime

Pinhole Photography Competition with Goucher


Lenox Laser made a visit local Goucher College to discuss an innovative new Pinhole Photography study and competition for Goucher College’s nearly 1300 students. Andrea Loepker, school Program Assistant of the Office of International Studies, already runs an International Photography Contest. (Winners are pictured to the right.)


Lenox Laser hopes to form a partnership with Goucher to help students discover the principles and valuable lessons to be learned from Pinhole Photography Science. Our goal is to set up an annual Pinhole Competition on Campus, to complement the department’s existing competition, as well as introduce a new medium to students.

Company President, Joe d’Entremont met with Goucher Vice-President and Academic Dean, Michael Curry, proposing an upcoming visit to Lenox Laser’s production facilities. It is our vision to work with Goucher in order to aid local students in building upon sound foundational sciences to develop and refine today’s technologies.

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