Pinhole Photography Competition with Goucher


Lenox Laser made a visit local Goucher College to discuss an innovative new Pinhole Photography study and competition for Goucher College’s nearly 1300 students. Andrea Loepker, school Program Assistant of the Office of International Studies, already runs an International Photography Contest. (Winners are pictured to the right.)


Lenox Laser hopes to form a partnership with Goucher to help students discover the principles and valuable lessons to be learned from Pinhole Photography Science. Our goal is to set up an annual Pinhole Competition on Campus, to complement the department’s existing competition, as well as introduce a new medium to students.

Company President, Joe d’Entremont met with Goucher Vice-President and Academic Dean, Michael Curry, proposing an upcoming visit to Lenox Laser’s production facilities. It is our vision to work with Goucher in order to aid local students in building upon sound foundational sciences to develop and refine today’s technologies.

NASA Messenger


NASA’s MESSENGER – set to become the first spacecraft to orbit the planet Mercury – launched today at 2:15:56 a.m. EDT aboard a Boeing Delta II rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

NASA: Lenox Laser fabricated High Power Ceramic Apertures for spatial filtering aboard NASA’s Messenger Mission. We personally hand delivered these critical apertures to the engineers at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Lenox Laser took the opportunity of the visit to show engineers some of the latest fiber laser technology that is being developed by IPG Photonics.

The Messenger is scheduled to leave July 30th, 2004 and should fly by Venus in October 2006 and then finally reach Mercury by January 2008.

NASA Galileo Mission


For this pioneer mission to Jupiter, Lenox Laser drilled precision 19.5 micron holes in Hasteloy discs for a Helium Leak Detector. Galileo Spacecraft

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST): Lenox Laser Fabricated an array of 5,000 orifices, each less than five microns, on a stainless steel conflat, for use as a standard, midrange high vacuum leak.

To learn more visit Galileo Spacecraft

Bob Gidner Designs flow for World Trade Center Fountain

Lenox Laser’s Bob Gidner, senior Flow Engineer designed and built a doughnut orifice nozzle for the World Trade Center fountain in New York City back in the 1970’s. The 16 foot circular nozzle would displace a flat sheet of water over the fountain. Then the water would ripple down on a 100 foot circular piece of granite. Over 12,000 gallons per minute would flow evenly out of the stainless steel doughnut shaped nozzle. Bob managed an entire division which helped build the nozzle at Zurn Industries Inc.

Bob has a scale model of the Towers and the fountain for the memory of all of the hard work that he contributed into making such a beautiful fountain. The towers were crafted by the Danbury Mint.

On September 11th, 2001 the fountain received a gash on one of its sides but it still remained structurally stable. The sculpture has been placed as a memorial in Battery Park directly adjacent to Hope Garden and the New York Harbor.

Laser Marking the Key to the City

First Recipient of Washington D.C.'s newest Key:  Republic of South Africa President, Thabo Mbeki
First Recipient of Washington D.C.’s newest Key: Republic of South Africa President, Thabo Mbeki

A consortium of technology companies has come together to produce a new take on Washington D.C.’S “Key to the City”. The key, a symbolic token of welcome to its recipients, has been redesigned to reflect bold new advances in technology.

Renowned sculptor John Dreyfuss ( assembled a team of experts to produce his innovative design. Precision CAD/CAM Systems of hunt Valley, MD utilized cutting-edge software to generate a 3D model of the new City Key. Art Research Enterprises, of York, PA, used this model to forge the final results in steel.


Key to the City

The heavy, uniquely created key was then delivered to Lenox Laser, of Glen Arm, MD for some important finishing touches. Precision, deep laser engraving was required to exhibit sharp, contrasting text to exacting tolerances. Lenox Laser used high power laser marking technology to mark the unique geometric surface of the key.

South African President, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, is reported to be the first visitor formally welcomed with the gift of the city’s new key.

Reading “Justicia Omnibus” on one side and declaring “Opportunity For All” on the reverse, the revised key symbolized the spirit and true heart of America’s great capital city. Lenox Laser is privileged to have taken part in this exciting, historical project.

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