e-blox and Coppin State

e-blox technology can empower Baltimore’s Inner City. Suddenly, everyone can be an engineer. Lenox Laser is pioneering “Intuitive Tools” as a bridge to new millennium learning. e-Imaginative Blox help students help themselves. Designing and constructing real-life applications using simple math, high-tech tools and lot of fun! Join us as we challenge tomorrow’s horizons today…

Joe d’Entremont, President of Lenox Laser envisions a collective effort brining together students from Baltimore’s colleges, universities and high schools. They will participate in a project of discovery that could set the course for the future. Theirs, yours and ours!

Lenox Laser is now a partner with Coppin State University, a local teacher college, to develop and promote Science fair competition all over the area starting with Douglas and a few others.

Also we are seeking a private location for a museum for furthering education and competitions.