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Microscopic Matters: Conquer Flow with Lenox Laser's Calibration Precision

Struggling with minute flow measurements? Say goodbye to guesswork with Lenox Laser's NIST-traceable flow calibration. We wield cutting-edge systems to reliably calibrate flow effective diameters as tiny as 1 micron, smaller than a red blood cell!

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Why choose Lenox Laser?

  • Minimize Risks

    Accurate measurements shield your operations from costly errors and safety hazards. Peace of mind is priceless.

  • Global Recognition

    NIST-traceable calibrations open doors worldwide, facilitating collaborations and boosting your reach.

  • Unlock the Benefits

    Elevated Product Quality: Precise flow control = better performing products that stand out. Happy customers, happier you.

  • Sharpening Skills, Sharpening Results

    By offering flow calibration on our own products, we constantly hone our technicians' skills, ensuring your measurements are flawless, every time.

  • Unmatched Precision, Guaranteed

    Our NIST-backed expertise delivers pinpoint accuracy, no matter the orifice size or shape. Trust your results to the gold standard.

  • Versatility Unmatched

    From your in-house creations to any tiny orifice, we have the equipment and skill to handle it all. One-stop solution for all your needs.

  • Speed & Savings

    We combine efficiency with affordability, bringing you top-tier calibration without breaking the bank. Focus on your success, not your budget.

Microscopic Matters: Conquer Flow with Lenox Laser's Calibration Precision


Flow Calibration

When traditional methods struggle due to thick materials and tiny orifices, Lenox Laser's cutting-edge flow calibration takes center stage. Our unique methodologies can calibrate flow rates down to diameters of just 0.5 microns, smaller than a red blood cell! This is especially useful for high aspect ratios (long channels, small holes), where typical optical measurements falter. Trust Lenox Laser to unlock the secrets of microscopic flow with unwavering accuracy, helping you optimize your processes and achieve unparalleled results.

Flow Control Products

When it comes to precision flow control, unwavering accuracy is everything. At Lenox Laser, we understand this need, which is why our flow measuring instruments and procedures are meticulously traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) secondary standards. This means you can trust the results, whether you're dealing with microscopic volumes or larger flows. To explore our diverse range of flow control products and unlock the power of reliable, NIST-backed precision, click here and discover your perfect flow control solution.

Optical Calibration

Need your microscopic features crafted with uncompromising precision? Lenox Laser's optical calibration steps in. We wield high-tech tools like SEMs (Scanning Electron Microscopes), laser microscopes, and profilometers with nanometer-resolution to meticulously measure and validate orifice shapes and dimensions. Whether it's ensuring perfect pinholes for delicate experiments or crafting intricate optical components, our expertise guarantees your features are flawless, down to the tiniest detail. Explore further to see how we can tailor optical calibration for your microscopic masterpiece.

Optical Products

These tools are used in combinations with our methodology to provide high precision orifices and slits. To see our products, Click Here

Ready to conquer the microscopic?

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