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Innovative Gases Explained

By Brandon Elliott | July 18, 2024

At Lenox Laser, we are at the forefront of innovative solutions for the semiconductor industry’s gas handling needs. Our groundbreaking work addresses the critical challenge of achieving precise control over process gases like hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, argon, and oxygen, which are essential in wafer production.  Through extensive research and testing, we have determined that a…

Lenox Laser Flow Products

By Brandon Elliott | July 11, 2024

Lenox Laser flow products are top-tier quality with impeccable standards for performance and are built to last.  Our flow calibration system allows us to drill the diameter of the hole as small as a micron in diameter without compromising accuracy in the slightest. All our products come with this option available to our customers. Flow…

CCIT Explained

By Brandon Elliott | July 3, 2024

CCIT has been a massive part of our success. We engineered top-rate standards for quality to give the best service we can.   CCIT evaluates the integrity of container closure systems to maintain a sterile barrier against potential contaminants. Contaminants that could cross a container closure barrier include microorganisms and reactive gases. It is an integral…

Choosing the Right Aperture for High-Power Lasers 

By Brandon Elliott | June 27, 2024

  Lenox Laser proves repeatedly that we are at the forefront of the evolution of laser drilling technology.  As a result, selecting the right aperture for high-power laser applications has become increasingly important. Gilbert R. Smith, a Senior Consultant for our team in Glen Arm, Maryland, years ago, brought his extensive experience to help demystify…

Navigating the Challenges of Laser Drilling: Insights from Lenox Laser

By Atif Malik | June 21, 2024

Laser drilling is integral to manufacturing high-value components in industries like aerospace, where precision and quality are paramount. At Lenox Laser, we recognize the technical challenges involved and leverage our expertise to deliver exceptional components for our customers. Key parameters in laser drilling include pulse duration, energy, width, and frequency, all of which directly impact…

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Precision in Optical Calibration with Cutting-Edge Technology 

By Brandon Elliott | June 13, 2024 | Comments Off on Precision in Optical Calibration with Cutting-Edge Technology 

At Lenox Laser we strive to be at the forefront of optical calibration, we use advanced technology, including Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), laser microscopes, and profilometers, to achieve nanometer-range resolution. Our expertise enables us to handle large volume batches efficiently, ensuring each orifice and slit meets the highest precision standards. Advanced Technology for Precision SEMs:…

Unlocking Precision and Possibilities with Laser Drilling

By Atif Malik | November 9, 2023 | Comments Off on Unlocking Precision and Possibilities with Laser Drilling

In the world of advanced manufacturing and technology, there’s a remarkable process that has been making waves – laser drilling. This micro drilling with lasers has proven itself to be a game-changer, enabling the creation of microscopic holes in a variety of materials, including ceramics, polymers, metals, and even silicon chips. But what sets laser…

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SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2024

Lenox Laser is delighted to confirm its attendance at the esteemed 2024 SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing conference, scheduled to be held in National Harbor, Maryland, from April 21st to 25th. This renowned conference will cover a wide array of topics, including but not limited to government applications, public security measures, military technologies, lidar, and radar innovations.

We are pleased to announce that Lenox Laser will be represented by a selection of our foremost experts, who will be available to engage with participants, respond to inquiries, and interact with the distinguished attendees. We invite you to visit our booth on the exhibition floor to learn why Lenox Laser is considered a leader in the laser drilling industry.

Quality of Drilled Holes

Quality of Holes Diagram Final


Pittcon 2023
Lenoxlaser at Pittcon 2023 in Philadelphia, PA

Pittcon 2023 was an exhilarating event for the Lenox team! We were thrilled to engage with numerous visitors and witness the vibrant energy across the expo floor. The opportunity to connect with both new and familiar faces, exchange ideas, and showcase our latest innovations was truly invaluable.


The video is a snapshot capturing our memorable moments at the show. We're already looking forward to the next opportunity to meet and inspire more members of our community!


Container Closure Integrity of a Glass Prefillable Syringe in Deep Frozen Storage Conditions

The article "Container Closure Integrity of a Glass Prefillable Syringe in Deep Frozen Storage Conditions" by Jessica Baseggio and colleagues, published in December 2023, addresses the critical issue of ensuring container closure integrity (CCI) of glass prefillable syringes (PFS) in deep-frozen storage conditions, a necessity due to the development of new pharmaceutical drug modalities requiring such storage.

The study introduces a novel dye ingress test method tailored for low-temperature conditions to assess the CCI of PFS across a spectrum of temperatures down to -80°C. This method, alongside laser-based CO2 headspace gas analysis, was used to evaluate the integrity of glass PFS at temperatures between -50°C and -80°C.

The results consistently showed CCI failures below -70°C, primarily due to failures at the plunger-to-barrel interface, attributed to dimensional changes and loss of elastomer elasticity. This research underscores the importance of assessing the CCI of pharmaceutical packaging, particularly for products requiring deep-frozen storage, to ensure drug safety and efficacy.

The study also highlights the challenges and advancements in container closure integrity testing (CCIT) at sub-zero temperatures. Traditional CCIT methods face limitations due to the physical properties of materials at low temperatures, necessitating the development of alternative testing strategies.

The successful application of a modified dye ingress method and orthogonal headspace gas analysis in this study represents a significant step forward in ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical packaging at extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, the research provides valuable insights into the behavior of materials used in container closure systems (CCS) under deep-frozen conditions, particularly the impact of temperature on the integrity of elastomer components.

This knowledge is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry as it moves towards more advanced drug formulations requiring specialized storage solutions.


Our Orifice Calculator
Precision in Fluid Dynamics Simplified

Our Orifice Calculator© stands as a cutting-edge solution, meticulously engineered to forecast gas flow rates through orifices with high precision. Incorporating essential variables such as orifice diameter, inlet and outlet pressures, gas type, molecular weight, and temperature, our Orifice Calculator© unravels the complexities of fluid dynamics. It provides precise flow rate calculations in standard cubic centimeters per minute, specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of our users.

To enhance our customers' ability to choose the perfect orifice for their specific needs, we integrate this proprietary calculator into our extensive service offerings. With our advanced laser drilling technology, we precisely craft orifices to exacting standards.

The foundation of our calculator lies in the principle that accurate flow rate predictions for both gases and liquids can be consistently achieved through detailed flow calibration in controlled conditions. This ensures that our customers receive solutions that are not only precise but also perfectly aligned with their diverse application needs.

The Orifice Calculator© is a breakthrough in simplifying fluid dynamics calculations for laser drilling professionals. This tool is engineered to provide accurate gas flow rate predictions through orifices, considering factors like orifice diameter, inlet and outlet pressures, gas type, molecular weight, and temperature. It aims to make complex flow rate calculations straightforward and precise, tailored to the specific needs of each project.Incorporating the Orifice Calculator© into our laser drilling services enhances our ability to create orifices that perfectly match project specifications. This precision stems from the calculator's foundation in flow calibration under controlled conditions, ensuring reliable flow rate predictions for gases and liquids alike.

Our calculator transcends traditional measurement limitations by employing a 'flow diameter'-a value slightly adjusted from the actual throat diameter-enhancing the accuracy of flow calculations across different gases and flow conditions. This approach not only streamlines the computation process but also significantly mitigates the variability introduced by the physical characteristics of the orifice, ensuring reliability and precision in predicting fluid flow rates.


Lenox laser interviews with WJZ

Take a trip down memory lane! Twenty years ago, Lenox Laser's President, Joe d'Entremont, was featured on the Baltimore Channel 13 WJZ segment "Coffee With," hosted by Don Scott and Marty Bass. Join us for a unique lab tour where Joe showcases the intricate process of laser drilling microholes. It’s a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the technology that has contributed to progress in numerous fields. Tune in to see the role Lenox Laser has played in advancing laser precision!


Industrial ten with a temperature regulator is located in the production of large electrical parts for the manufacture of aircraft. Concept engineering and shipbuilding

Gas Flow Measurement

An innovative orifice gas flow measurement device provides an accurate flow measurement concurrent with the orifice diameter

Reverse Taper

We have performed EDM of reverse-tapered microholes with a diameter of less than 100μm and a high rate of taper. Two methods have been tested for drilling a hole in a 50-μm-thick copper sheet using tungsten electrodes...