How do I request a custom order? – MobileFAQs

Request for Quotation allows you to submit information for a custom order or project and is used for items not listed directly on the site.

Orifice Sizing is a form for a custom sized hole in one of our standard Flow Restrictive products. These distinctions remain true for all examples of navigation to these forms.

The first option is under “Contact Us” in the menu, clicking the arrow opens the drop-down menu for both Request a Quotation and Orifice Sizing.

Second is under “Services” in the menu, there is the “Request Forms” tab, this takes you to the Request for Quotation page.


To contact a specific team member click “Contact Us” directly, not the drop-down tabs, this gives you the emails of our senior staff members.


If you would rather call us directly, our phone number is available at to bottom of every page.