CCIT & Integrity

The Role of Calibration in Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)

Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) is a rigorous examination that ensures each medication package meets stringent quality standards.

While we don't perform CCIT ourselves, our calibration services play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of CCIT processes It's like receiving a 'pass or fail' verdict for your medication packaging.

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If the packaging passes, it's akin to getting a green light, indicating that the medication inside is shielded and secure. However, if the packaging fails, it's like receiving a red flag, signaling a potential issue that demands immediate attention.

Ensuring Medical Indegrity

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Calibration is an essential step in CCIT, ensuring that leak detection equipment is functioning accurately and can effectively identify even the smallest leaks. This is where Lenox Laser comes in.

Our precision laser drilling technology allows us to create calibrated leaks with precise dimensions and flow rates, providing the pharmaceutical industry with the benchmarks against which their leak detection equipment can be calibrated.

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