SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch Update

With storms raging across Florida’s “Space Coast,” the SpaceX decided against the launch of its Crew Dragon shuttle on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020. SpaceX has stated that there will be another chance to launch the spacecraft on Saturday, May 30th, 2020, if the weather permits it. However, this seems to also be in doubt with weather forecasts – until the time of writing – predict more stormy weather to hang over the site of the launch on Saturday. Should Saturday also turn out to be not an optimal day for the launch, SpaceX will push it to the next day – Sunday, May 31st, 2020. This news has hit the two astronauts of the Crew Dragon space shuttle the hardest.

Astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken have been training for the past four years in anticipation of the world’s first privately funded spaceship. As if it were routine, they put on their suits and went to the launch pad. After talking with their respective families and buckling in for the launch, they awaited the go-ahead from command to begin the launch sequence. Meanwhile, SpaceX leaders were anticipating the final call from the forecasters, who had remained optimistic all day, despite the bad weather. Ten minutes before launch, however, the mission managers overseeing the launch received word that weather conditions would not improve and, therefore, had to cancel the launch. Both NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and SpaceX founder Elon Musk both stated that mission safety was of higher priority than the historical significance of the mission.

We at Lenox Laser support the safety of the mission’s crew, and we are looking forward to the rescheduled launch on Saturday. We are excited by the possibility of the world’s first privately owned and operated spaceship and wish the best for both the crew and the supporters of the mission.

PDA Europe 2020: In-Review

Lenox Laser would like to thank all the parties involved in putting together the 2020 PDA event in Basel, Switzerland on February 25–28. We are so grateful for again being invited to take part in such a tremendous and informative gathering of great minds. Along with Tom and Rachel Hoffman, Greg Solyar represented Lenox Laser with an enthralling lecture.

Lenox Laser meeting with DDL
Lenox Laser meeting with Lighthouse

The event was filled with a rich variety of talks and lectures all about Parenteral Packaging. Representatives and speakers covered various sub-topics such as biopharmaceutical challenges with gene therapy, container closure integrity testing, and pharmaceutical safety measures. Greg had the opportunity to talk about a sub–field of the pharmaceutical industry: With his talk “Producing a Calibrated Leak Standard With Laser Assisted Technology”, he details how lasers can complement Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT). Talents were shown, knowledge were grown, and even lives have been saved because of the interest and the passion of these people.

It was truly an honor and privilege to be among all of the talent of on display at PDA 2020. We at Lenox Laser would like thank everyone involved for their time and interest.

Next from Lenox Laser, we will be attending the Interphex 2020 technical conference at the Javits Center in New York City on April 28-30. The conference will feature a keynote speaker series entitled “Pharmaceutical Technology”. The series will cover such topics as the commercialization challenges for selling gene therapy, GMP’s and creating a quality culture, and standardizing tech transfer and opportunities in accelerating drug development lifecycle. We would love to see you all there!

Reminder: PDA Europe 2020

As a final reminder, Lenox Laser will be in attendance for the 2020 PDA parental packaging conference and events on February 25th, represented by Lenox Laser’s Tom Hoffman and Greg Solyar. The conference itself will take place on February 25th through the 28th in beautiful Basel, Switzerland. Both of our representatives could not be more pleased to be there and answer any questions one may have.

Both Tom Hoffman and Greg Solyar will be on hand for the lectures and be attending the conference. Lectures at this conference will focus on container closure development, container closure integrity testing (CCIT), and parenteral packaging. The parenteral packaging conference will take place on February 25th and 26th. It will talk about ensuring safety and efficiency to the patient’s, case studies with the latest techniques, and packaging implementations for things like biopharmaceuticals and the challenges of gene therapy with CCIT.

We, at Lenox Laser, cannot wait to see the new insights from this fantastic event and hope those attending will enjoy it.

PDA Europe Stockholm, Sweden

Lenox Laser would like to take a moment to thank all those involved in putting together and hosting PDA Europe held in Stockholm, Sweden this past week. This opportunity was a great chance for many talented individuals and innovative companies to learn and prosper in their specific fields of business. Mr. Tom Hoffman and Mr. Greg Solyar extend their gratitude in being able to proudly represent Lenox Laser at the event. To those that were in attendance, all of us at Lenox Laser hope that you enjoyed our portion of the workshop.

PDA Europe Workshop for Container Closure Integrity Testing
Greg Solyar, Head Scientist at Lenox Laser, Speaking at PDA Europe Workshop 2019

Lenox Laser is beyond excited to see what new paths and innovations the future holds for our company and the pharmaceutical industry. We would like to return to this event if given the chance and once again thank all those who made it happen.

PDA Europe Workshop Oct 24th-25th

Lenox Laser is thrilled to say we will be at the PDA Europe workshop in Gothenburg Sweden on October 24 and 25th 2019. The workshop will focus on closed container integrity (CCI) testing technologies. Lenox Laser will be proudly represented at the event by Mr. Tom Hoffman and Mr. Greg Solyar.

Sales Manager, Tom Hoffman

Senior Engineer, Greg Solyar
Senior Engineer, Greg Solyar

Lenox Laser will be giving a talk entitled “Producing a Calibrated Leak Standard with Laser-Assisted Technology.” The aim of the workshop is to give industry professionals a look at new ideas and innovations in their field. It also helps show them new techniques as there is always room to expand and improve CCI technologies. Understanding and growth of new CCI methods is immensely vital as the pharmaceutical field continues to grow. Along with the talk from Lenox Laser, there will be several other industry professionals at the PDA workshop on hand giving informative presentations as well as hands-on training for all in attendance to take part in. This will include things like real-world case studies and training with the newest state-of-the-art instruments.

We had Lenox laser hope that you will enjoy our lecture at this phenomenal event, and to whoever may be attending the conference Lenox Laser hope to see you there.

3rd International Light Seminar

Lenox Laser’s 3rd International Light Seminar

Guest Speakers

Steven Sasson
Inventor of the Digital Camera
Awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation (2009)

Topic: “Disruptive Innovation – The Story of the First Digital Camera”

Please visit IIOPTICS.ORG for more information.

2012 Pinhole Photography Seminar

2012 Pinhole Photography Seminar

Guest Speakers

Richard Johnson
Photography Instructor, Delaware County Community College

“Moments With The Land”

Richard Johnson

Dirk Fletcher
Chairmain, Harrington College of Design

“Trends in Commercial Photography”

2nd International Light Seminar

Lenox Laser’s 2nd International Light Seminar

Guest Speakers

Senior Scientist, Canadian Space Agency

“Novel Concepts & Application of Lidar: From the Bottom of the Ocean to Mars”

Nobel Laureate 2006 Physics
Senior Astrophysicist & Goddard Fellow, NASA
Senior Project Scientist, James Webb Space Telescope

“The Big Bang Theory” and the James Webb Space Telescope

Professor of Mathematics, Towson University
President – “Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music & Science”

“The Art and Mathematics of Star Polygons”

Dr. Reza Sarhangi

Please visit IIOPTICS.ORG for more information.

1st Annual Light Seminar

Lenox Laser’s 1st Annual Light Seminar

Guest Speakers

Nobel Prize Winner and Inventor of the MASER, Forerunner to the LASER

“How New Things Happen”

NASA’S Spokesperson for “The Hubble”

NASA’S Spokesperson for “The Hubble”