Lenox Laser provides laser drilling services for calibrated micro leaks for use in CCIT (container closure integrity testing.) The calibrated leaks are openings in the container wall in the shape of an orifice or crack. These laser drilled openings give specific gas or liquid flow rates at specific conditions.

We can laser drill calibrated leaks in many different types of containers including vials, syringes, pouches, and any type of bag. This list also includes specific elements of containers like tubing, caps, and plungers along with many others. Lenox Laser can laser drill many materials such as all types of metals or metal alloys, glass, plastics, or composites. Common container conditions include whether it is open or closed and whether it is empty or pre-filled. These conditions can be more specific if necessary. Some of the common locations for a calibrated leak are show below. You can request a quote here.

Figure 1: Glass Bottle for CCIT Laser Drilling
Figure 2: Glass Syringe for CCIT Laser Drilling