Thermal Batteries for Solar Power Energy Storage

For a 2019 study conducted by The Department of Physics and Astronomy, Fuels and Energy Technology Institute, Curtin University, Lenox Laser was tasked with laser drilling a 100-micron orifice that would go into thermal batteries for solar power energy storage. In the world today, there is a constant search for sources of renewable energy in the hopes of reducing the use of fossil fuels, and with the use of electrical energy dramatically increasing this is especially important now. One of sources proven effective to energize his mental hydrides which are compounds of one or more metal cations or M+ and one or more hydride anions H-.  

Different temperature rates and compression would be used to test the hydrides to ensure stability could be maintained. In this lab a device was put in place to measure the pressure between the magnesium iron hydride and the titanium magnesium alloy. One of the parts that Lenox Laser did was make 100 µm orifice where the pressure was monitored and balanced along with that of the hydrogen pressure. It is always an honor for Lenox laser to take part in something that in the bigger picture will people. When all was said and done, the energy storage system for the solar thermal power have been achieved as hoped. It was relying on a coupled mental hydrides system and the high temperature metal hydride (HTMH) was able to store and release hydrogen and a low temperature metal hydride (LTMH) with temperature set to 500°C and a low of 350°C as a minimum. 

With this level of quality achieved, it will be exciting to see where solar power can go next. Lenox Laser was extremely honored to help in this venture. We cannot wait to see what the future holds in solar energy for many different applications all around the world. Click here to read the original article in full detail.

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