Side Vent Applications and Products

Lenox Laser has specialized in drilling microhole side vents for a wide variety of applications serving several markets. Some of the major products that use these vents include arterial syringe side vents, hydrogen release caps, vented containers, advanced plastic bags, catheters, suction canisters, ventilation, and hydrostatic vents. These side vents are commonly used in medical, biotechnology, chemical processing, and flow control applications.

Some of the side venting jobs that we have performed in the past –

  • MEMS application for micro vents used in semiconductors.
  • Cryogenic liquids application -a side vent in the transfer tube for increase in liquid transfer.
  • Medical application-a side vent in glass ,metal or plastic for micro management of liquid and gas.
  • Calibrated packaging leak testing -equalizing contents pressure without compromising integrity.

Lenox Laser can drill micro side vents in various sizes ranging from 1 to 1000 microns in a wide variety of materials including metals, glasses, and plastics for any application. We can either drill in an existing part or material or we can help you design an advanced system for your side venting applications. Our engineers are here to research, design, fabricate, and drill advanced components to help solve any problem.

Lenox Laser, Inc. new equipment and process development has made these products readily available to many industries for packaging integrity testing and calibration with NIST traceability.