Pinhole Photography Experiments at Lenox Laser

Lenox laser is presenting a look into pinhole photography being used to capture the details of a laser experiment. If you are new to pinhole photography visit our previous blog (What Is Pinhole Photography.) Josh Anderson and Joe d’Entremont used some everyday items such as a wedding ring, a lightbulb and tubing to capture the drastic detail of each item giving them a unique look. Credit to all pinhole photos here go to Josh Anderson and Joe d’Entremont.

Pinhole photo of G25 vintage Edison light bulb with 5 mW for effect

5 mW laser pointers were pointed at the base of a G 25 vintage Edison light bulb in this image. Given that red and green lasers were used in almost gives a sense that you can see gases inside the lightbulb. Camera used was a Canon 70 D.

Pinhole photo of G25 vintage Edison light bulb with 5 mW for effect

This photo shows plastic neon translucent rods and flash speed light that captured the stillness of the warm neon glows. Camera used: Canon 70 D.

Pinhole photo of gold wedding ring in multiple locations.

Shows a gold wedding ring and it captured movements giving the sense that there are four while there is only one. This was done by locally illuminating the ring with the flash then moving the ring to its new location in the dark.

Pinhole photo shows a clear tube inside of the plastic sleeve with 5 mW laser pointers being used for the effect.

A clear tube was placed inside a 3 sided Styrofoam sleeve. The camera was looking down the center of the tube while the laser pointers were pointed at the tube at a 45 degree angle towards to bottom corners of the Styrofoam channel. While taking the photo the laser pointers were lightly shaken to give the desired effect.