Paul Johnson: Frozen Moments

Photography is the art of timing and anticipation: To capture those timeless moments in sports, for example, one must know what the situation is, where the players are, even the how the background will look like. Photographers, however, must watch where the action is heading. It could be the difference between a shot where the athlete has their back turned – leaving the photographer with nothing to capture, or it could the stunning photo of two players fighting the air as both are competing for the ball in the back of the endzone. Despite the difficulty and the skills required to capture these moments, Paul Johnson felt he had achieved this level and has produced some amazing and intricate photos of his son and daughter playing their respective sports. At Lenox Laser’s 3rd Light Seminar, he reflects his photography experience.

Youth American Football Players

One of the things that Paul Johnson finds helpful for a photographer is that if you had a Digital SLR (DSLR) camera, not only can you shoot images one after another in rapid succession, but that the images right there for you on the screen instantly. Also, he found that for the greatest photos come from catching little moments such as a friendly hug or high-five and stated that if you missed those moments, to him he wasn’t doing his job in capturing emotional impact. To do his job effectively, he had to know the game he was watching and where the action would most likely take place. For example, teams in youth American football camps during the summer often would run the same offense – run the ball to the outside of the defense. There, Paul could set up his camera on the outside of those plays and capture the magic. Whether it be high school basketball or Little League baseball, Paul Johnson covered all through the years in the world of sports. From touchdowns to the game-winning home runs Paul found each moment special because those moments could be something that someone or some family can cherish forever.

Capturing a great photo can mean the world to anyone, and Paul Johnson’s work is no exception to that. May everyone in the world use photography to capture memories that they love and cherish. To read his speech, please visit the 3rd Light Seminar on IIOptics, and to learn about how to up your photography game, please visit the Daystar website. Furthermore, to learn more about Paul Johnson and his business, please visit Paul Johnson’s website.

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