NIH Study and Lenox Laser Blog

The mind is one of the most potent tools that humanity has at its disposal. From thinking up creative ideas to decorate the house from the genius of the late Stephen Hawking to the theories of Albert Einstein, the brain has endless potential. As the intrigue around the brain has grown, scientists have continued gathering information about such a unique body part with the help of technology. During a National Institute of Health five-year brain study, Lenox Laser helped create microprobes to improve brain protein delivery.

This study included such prestigious places like New York University and RayBiotech Inc. offered their services to help in this monumental and potentially groundbreaking venture. Lenox Laser provided laser-perforated and push-pull perfused microprobes. These microprobes would be implemented primarily in the brains of rats combined with polypeptide hormones. The goal in finding these proteins would be so that scientists can break down the gene makeup such debilitating diseases as Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of Dementia. The other goal was to improve the efficiency and speed of delivering the proteins through microprobes. It is hoped still to this day that further studies will give us more information for fighting these diseases. This could also lead to diagnoses of unknown brain issues and other unforeseen ailments. We were honored to take part in such a notable study.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all who took part in this grand effort. Lenox Laser is in a constant state of amazement at the work and breakthroughs that the world makes every day in medicine. To read about the study, please go here. To learn about our laser drilling, click here, and to learn about our flow products, click here.

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