Lenox Laser’s Free Orifice Calculator

For 40 years now, Lenox Laser has been a pioneering force leading the industry of laser hole drilling and critical flow orifice fieldwork. As the industry is constantly evolving, we are continually learning new methods to streamline the ease of use of our products and services. We offer many solutions to custom applications, all produced with a critical laser drilling process. Our laser-drilled calibrations will deliver immaculate accuracy and consistency of flow rates every single time — we guarantee it. All of this is done with the utmost care and immense cost efficiency to deliver the best product to our customers. 

At Lenox Laser, we believe in ease-of-use and understanding for our customer base. We have created a simplistic, straight-to-the-point orifice calculator that allows customers to calculate custom orifice sizes for a required flow rate. The calculator can be easily found by accessing this link

Upon visiting our calculator, you can enter your desired inlet pressure, outlet pressure, type of gas, and temperature to calculate for either flow rate or orifice diameter. The calculator will then display the resulting hole size, which Lenox Laser can drill, calibrate, and certify for your specific application. For a list of our standard products, please visit our online store. Custom parts and materials are available for drilling with a setup fee through this form.

Lenox Laser is dedicated to providing stellar services that support a wide array of industries. As new challenges arise, we continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our customers. Thank you all for being with us these past 40 years. We look forward to serving you for many more.