Lenox Laser’s 2019 Year in Review

For decades, Lenox Laser has been a part of many impressive achievements. While past achievements included things such as helping with the James Webb Telescope, Lenox Laser has worked with many in the pharmaceutical industry in 2019. As with every project, we aim to produce the best results while also expand the industry’s boundaries.

Lenox Laser also plays a role in the pharmaceutical industry, in 2019, we attended several conferences held by the Parental Drug Association (PDA). It was here that Lenox Laser had the honor to give lectures and demonstrations of what we’re able to bring to the table. Lenox Laser personnel also attended the PDA Europe conference in October 2019 in Gothenburg. At this event, Senior Engineer Greg Solyar gave a talk entitled “Producing a Calibrated Leak Standard with Laser-Assisted Technology”, where he talked about Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) in the pharmaceutical industry. Further details on that lecture can be found here.

Lenox Laser also took part in the PDA-sponsored Interphex conference in New York. It also happened to be the 40-year celebration of the conference, and it was attended by over 600 suppliers and 80 exhibitors. Among the topics discussed were things like gene therapy techniques, pharmaceuticals, packaging techniques for medicine, and much more.

Lenox Laser is proud and excited about all that has been achieved, and we cannot wait to continue to bring innovation for years to come. To learn more about us and to read more about any of these events mentioned, visit our blog.

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