Laser Drilling Services

                Laser drilling is a powerful tool in the world’s leading industries. Lenox Laser can provide customers with a vast variety of options in areas such as pharmaceutical, aerospace, and any other industry in need of precise small holes.

                Lenox Laser is the industry leader in laser drilling constantly pioneering new methods resulting in products necessary for modern technologies.  We have the capability to laser drill precise high aspect ratio holes down to the size of 0.5 µm in many different materials including steel, glass, plastic, and refractory materials. We provide every single customer with reliable and robust products made to specified custom requirements and conditions.

                Our experts will assist you in finding the correct solution to your needs. This includes dimensions, thickness, material, or particular process. To speak with one of our experts please request a quote here.

Lenox Laser has been here since the infancy stages of the small hole drilling industry, and we have pioneered many of the processes that result in products that are necessary for modern technology to be as advanced as it is today. We have always put quality assurance first by scrutinizing each and every piece to ensure the highest of standards. As a business, we continue striving to be a top company in the laser machining industry. We never stop developing new ideas and producing new laser processes in order to make our job more efficient and accurate for the benefit of the customer. This constant innovation results in a faster turnaround time and a more affordable product.

Dr. Charles H Townes
CCIT Capabilities