Effect on Changing Cow’s Diet on Milk Production and Methane Emissions Study

Pollution comes in many different forms — such as sound pollution and air pollution, and some types of pollution are more harmful than others. In the modern era, there are many different causalities for the air pollution we have today. These can range from the dangerous burning of fossil fuels or something as small as a cow’s eructation during their feeding. In a 2020 study by scientists over at MDPI or Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, they began their experiments with dairy cows’ different diets, and they contacted Lenox Laser to provide them with the parts they need to conduct their research.

A change in ryegrass to grape marc, or the leftover parts of a pressed grape used for wine, could mean a shift in the number of gases flatulated from a cow. As a part of their testing methods, the scientists required a way to measure the quantity of gases expelled from the dairy cows. They decided on using canisters to capture the gases around the cows. However, these canisters required a specific intake of the gases or flow rate, so the researchers requested Lenox Laser to fulfill their needs. The canisters’ gas sampling rate were measured using the orifice plates supplied for the study by Lenox Laser. With the parts they needed, the scientists completed their research and found fascinating information.

Upon the study’s conclusion, researchers observed the change of diet had an impact on the amount of methane gas and milk produced from a cow — both positive and negative. The grape marc reduced methane emissions by 15%; this was because of the high amount of lignin and fat found in grape marc. However, the drawback was the diet decreased the amount of dairy cows’ milk by 10%, and this was due to the reduced intake of metabolizable energy.

Lenox Laser was, once again, honored to provide the necessary equipment needed for the study. We are happy to see a potential breakthrough for the betterment of the environment. We look forward to the future of the dairy industry. If you would like to read the full study, please click here.

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