CCIT Services

                Container closure integrity testing, or CCIT provides needed confidence in the integrity in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food packaging. Lenox Laser’s pioneering nature has expanded into this field over the past decade.

Glass bottles and viles of various sizes

                Lenox Laser strives to deliver a controlled metric or standard using micro holes in pharmaceutical and critical packaging. These micro holes or calibrated leaks can be drilled in a variety of pharmaceutical packaging such as pill bottles, glass or plastic vials, and syringes. The leaks can be put into various locations and are each individually calibrated. Lenox Laser’s process of flow calibration and verification can be comprised of multiple steps and phases; each integral part along with the final assembly of the product is validated using these multi-step procedures. Lenox Laser also supplies special cross-calibration services through the mixed use of optical, mechanical, or flow calibration methods as means of validation and verification.

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