CCIT Capabilities

CCIT evaluates the integrity of container closure systems that maintain a sterile barrier against potential contaminants. Contaminants that could cross a container closure barrier include microorganisms and reactive gases. It is an integral part of the pharmaceutical and other critical packaging industries. Lenox Laser laser drills precision calibrated leaks for CCI testing purposes. We can laser drill holes in almost all types of packaging containers.

There are three major hole locations on a typical pharmaceutical vial. The top of the bottle near the cap known as the head point, the midsection of the bottle simply called mid body, and the bottom of the body. While these are the most common locations, we are ready to fill any specific customer requests. For custom solutions request a quote by clicking here.

We have the capability to drill microholes in more than just vials; Lenox Laser can produce calibrated leaks in all kinds of critical packaging. We also laser drill a multitude of different materials such as different types of glass, metal, and many varieties of plastic with holes as small as half a micron. At Lenox Laser, we can drill holes in any container type, material, or location the customer may desire.

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