ISO 17025 Certification in Progress

PDA, Deloitte, and the FDA: Training Partnership

The Parental Drug Association (PDA) has aimed to educate and expand knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. They have once again made a great partnership that will grow its reach in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical fields. In February 2021, the PDA … Read More

James Webb Update – Golden Mirror Test

               As the James Webb telescope launch on Halloween this year fast approaches, the project continues to make strides toward that day. From past achievements such as folding up and packing the massive tennis … Read More

SpaceX and the Inspiration4

               SpaceX has done extraordinary things over the years, making a name for itself with several missions to study the universe. This September, they plan to make history again with a first-of-its-kind mission entirely … Read More

Potential for Microbial Life on Mars

When the Mars Perseverance rover landed on the planet in February, it astonished the world with detailed photos of the planet and audio of the surface. After discovering water and ice on Mars, the next endeavor starting the search for … Read More

NASA and Aerosol Jet Printing

Through the years, there have been many different styles of printing, from newspapers on paper presses to photo printing and art design. With these techniques, the amount of ease using them continues to evolve. Aerosol jet printing is a method … Read More

James Webb Telescope Mirror Packing Update

               The James Webb Space Telescope has taken many years to get to where it is today. It survived complete cancellation in November 2011, infrared systems installation, and other instrument installs in 2012 through … Read More

The Moxie Box – NASA’s Oxygen Box

               About a month and a half ago, NASA’s Perseverance rover made landfall on Mars, bringing audio and video skimming across the planet’s surface. NASA sent the rover to Mars on a mission that ended in February this year to … Read More

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