For over 35 years, Lenox Laser has specialized in precision laser drilling of small holes, slits, and shapes in a wide variety of substrates.

Flow control orifices are available in standard Swagelok® fittings, as well as custom applications – with holes ranging from the thousands of microns, down to 0.5 micron. These orifices can be calibrated to NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable standards, and are designed to perform at a specified flow rate. In 2009, we unveiled several new lasers, expanding our precision drilling and marking capabilities. Our enhanced laser marking facilities incorporate ultra-fast, ultra-precise lasers and software. Laser marking is possible in a wide range of materials and thicknesses and are available for custom applications. We have processed silicon, titanium, stainless steel, nickel, polycarbonates, and other materials. In addition to our laser drilling of microholes, Lenox Laser also laser processes custom projects.

The personal goal and commitment of each member of the Lenox Laser Corporation’s engineering team is to provide our customers with reliable and robust products made to specified custom requirements and conditions, such as, high energy light beam densities, aggressive chemical and biological environments, mechanical stresses and vibrations, aerospace and underwater uses, etc.

We have a wide range of tools at our disposal. Our lasers range from CW(continuous wave) to picoseconds in pulse widths, from far IR(infrared) to hard UV(ultraviolet) wavelengths, from Joules to micro-Joules in laser beam energy. We can drill to a specified gas or liquid flow or to a specific light intensity depending on the application and specifications of the project.

We have a fully equipped machine shop and use advanced chemical etching processes. Our experienced staff can combine some or all of these capabilities in a multi-step process whereas a single technique application would be impractical or impossible. In each unique case, the choice of product materials and manufacturing processes are specific and may affect future product performance.

Both our production and engineering teams are readily available to help customers consider the specifics of the original product design. We offer our expertise in developing and redesigning a product to create both a feasible and more cost effective project with precision and accuracy.

Lenox Laser has a distinguished history of successful medical product development under the auspices of NIH grants enabling us to introduce innovative products to a highly competitive global market. We have pioneered and have become an industry standard in a metrology associated with holes drilled for leak detection in the medical, pharmaceutical, automobile and food industries.

If you need superb optical apertures, slits, flow control orifices, replacements for custom ruby orifices, shape cutouts, engraving, or any other precision laser work, call Lenox Laser Corporation today!

Laser drilling slits into a disk