Picture of a spectrum of colors
Picture of glass vials
A composite image of four optical diffraction patterns
Picture of drilling glass vial
Picture of drilling into a gasket
Picture of Nebula
A picture of a needle hole
pharma slide
Drilling Precise Holes for
Pharmaceutical Applications
optical slide
Everything in Nature
has an Optical Signature
liquid slide
Pioneering Precise Liquid Flow
Processes and Procedures
gas slide
Reliable Gas Flow Methods
for Cost-Effective Measurements
vacuum slide
Vacuum Flow Tolerance Testing
Down to the Half Micron
calculator slide
Calculate a Custom
Orifice Diameter
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Pioneering Small Hole Technologies in:

We’ve developed advanced laser systems and processes for optimizing tolerance, speed, delivery, and cost effectiveness. Our industrial engineering team has developed services for the optical field, semiconductor field, aerospace technologies, the automotive industry, and pharmaceutical processes with laser drilled, calibrated microhole leaks for use in Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT).

The Lenox Laser Family is home to globally-recognized businesses.