Lenox Laser has pioneered new processes for creating micro leaks in a diverse range of packages to test product safety and integrity. This is paramount in any industry, especially when using new packaging, or updating the product. Micro leak testing is an accurate and effective way of selecting a packaging material. The FDA recommends (USP 1207) C.C.I.(container closure integrity) testing regularly through a product’s lifetime to avoid deterioration and/or weathering issues. We are capable of producing holes as small as half a micron in diameter using our advanced laser cutting methods.

We develop the calibrated leak standards for C.C.I. testing. Our experts use highly focused lasers to create these holes with both precision and accuracy. Lenox Laser services are in high demand among the pharmaceutical, food, automotive, paper, and safety equipment industries, including many others.

Quality Assurance

ISO 17025 Certification in Progress

Pharmaceutical Ampuoles With Micro Leaks



Glass Vials Ready For Micro Leaks
Because it is a sterile environment, the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries require stringent integrity testing and quality assurance. If there is a defect in any of these products, it could become a matter of life and death. We provide calibrated micro leaks for integrity testing in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Listed below are the most common containers in these industries that are micro leak tested.

  • Blister Packs
  • Glass Vials
  • Syringes
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Ampoules


Automotive Parts Ready For Micro Leaks
Over time, a car’s parts are exposed to a lot of wear and weathering. It is important to produce a consistent and quality product, and there are containers within vehicles that hold liquids that could damage the car with even a small leak. Micro leak testing produces data that can be used in analyzing the product’s performance and the effects on other parts of the car. At Lenox Laser, we are able to make the leak as small as half a micron. Listed below are the most common containers in the automotive industry that are tested for micro leaks.

  • Hydraulic Brake
  • Gas Tanks
  • Oil Filters

Food Manufacturing

Beverage Containers Ready For Micro Leaks
Food packaging needs to be consistent and retain its quality. Micro leak testing is used to analyze and gather data about an intentional breach, created to an exact size. We provide micro leaks for integrity testing in the food service industry. The most common containers that are micro leak tested in this field are listed below.

  • Bottles
  • Plastic Multilayer Bags
  • Plastic Containers
  • Can Lids
  • Foil Packaging